Sunday, January 15, 2012

Mama said there would be drama!

Sometime ago, my mother (as well as other folks) commented on how with three girls we were going to have lots of drama in our lives. Well, it has begun.

G is now in 2nd grade and that seems to be the stepping stone for the best friend's drama. It is the, "me and schoolmate "A" had a fight today.......she said she's best friends with schoolmate "B" now.....and now we're not best friends anymore"

I'll admit I'm struggling with a response because I don't remember going thru this in school and certainly not in 2nd grade. I've been advising, "you should have lots of best friends in 2nd grade, not just one."

What I've noticed is that usually in a day or two, G will say whatever the "fight" was about has been resolved and now they're best friends again. It's a bit maddening because as an adult, I personally hold onto negative feelings much longer than a day or two. Yes, I realize that this is not especially healthy but at this point I haven't figured out a way to change that about myself.

I think with G, that this drama is heightened because there are 12 girls in her class so there is always someone that is "not happy" with someone else. I guess I should fee lucky that the "fights" seem to be over small matters such as not wanting to play the same games,etc. but I'm still a bit nervous that this may be just a prelude to the future dramas!

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