Sunday, March 27, 2011

New York adventure

and the birthday continued........This year it seemed like G's birthday celebration was a bit long-winded. There was the "birthday week", then the birthday party with school friends, the family birthday party and then the birthday trip to NYC for two non-stop days of American Girl Place.

I've now been home longer than I was in NY, but for some reason I am still exhausted! It was a great trip! We went with our best friends and created memories that will last a lifetime---I'm sure the girls will one day be sitting around saying, "Remember that time my mom chased that taxi down in NYC and then the time my mom cut-the-line at Penn Station when the train was sold out so that we could all sit together." Good times for all!

There were so many good pics that I loaded a small portion of them to a slideshow. Enjoy!

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Some of you may have noticed the absence of K in that slideshow. She had her own little mini-vacation with Grammy and D-daddy while G and I were in NY. Mini-vacation for K.....exhaustion for Grammy and D-daddy. Here's a pic of a "first" for K.

First ponytails! They didn't last very long, but they were sooooo cute!

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