Sunday, March 7, 2010

Our third CNY Celebration and the first week of March

A week behind, but here are a couple of pics from our third CNY celebration. Our local Families with Children from China group held their CNY party last week and as always it was a treat to see all of our friends. There were crafts and games for the kids and an amazing slide show that one of the parents put together each year.

Aunt M and G

All of us

This first week of March has brought three new teeth for my munchkin and anxiety for my big kid who is getting ready to have allergy testing done tomorrow. The munchkin has had terrible intestinal distress from teething (I had no idea that teething could cause so many problems)and the big kid has had a stomachache off and on all week from nervousness about getting the allergy testing done. Here's hoping that this coming week will have all of this resolved:-)

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