Sunday, March 28, 2010

G's Family Day

It's hard to believe, but 5 years ago we met our wonderful G and she became part of our family. I look at her so grown up now and wonder if she was ever a baby??? It certainly doesn't feel like five years have passed.

As has become our family day tradition, we watch the "baby movies". These are the movies that R and I have from when we opened G's referral, the first moment that we met her in China and then that precious time in China when we had her all to ourselves.

It is always so hard for me to watch these as it reminds me of the passage of time and how quickly it has gone by. It is also hard for me to watch the one of our first meeting because I realize how scared G must have been when she was handed over to complete strangers. We had been waiting for her all our lives but she had no idea who we were and why we were taking her from familiar surroundings. I don't believe she is old enough to put these feelings together with what she sees in this movie but my hope is that when she does, she will realize that we did it out of love.

A note to G's birthmom-may God continue to bless you and comfort you with the knowledge that G is a happy, beautiful little girl who is loved by many. R and I are thankful for the sacrifice that you made that has allowed us to parent this wonderful child.

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