Thursday, December 31, 2009

The Paper has Settled.....

Wow-what a busy holiday season! Over the course of last week, we celebrated Christmas four times. Each complete with a meal and presents.

The first was at my folks house-Grammy and D-daddy to the girls. You'll see pics below of Baby K and G with cousin RJ.

Two days later, we went to R's folks house-Mimi and Papa to the girls. G was so excited about her Julie Albright doll. Baby K received the Bitty Baby doll but as you can see from her pic, it was all about the paper, cards and bows.

Two days after that, we spent Christmas Eve at R's extended family. Each year, everyone gathers at Aunt B's house for food and of course, more presents. This is also the stop where we do the family pics. Each attending family takes a group shot in front of the fireplace. Same spot, same family groups each year-you can look back at each year and see how much the kids have grown (or how much the grown-ups have aged). Baby K was taking a nap this year!

Then we had Christmas Day at our house. According to D-daddy, Santa must have dumped his sleigh in the family room. It certainly appeared to be a lot for two little girls. You'll see the pics of the girls in the red pj's-those are the Christmas morning pics. G received a lot of American Girl accessories for Julie Albright-you have to wonder how Santa knew about that? I got a big pink buggy, oh wait a minute, that was for Baby K. Who looked absolutely adorable riding around in it. I'm not sure how long it will actually fit her and be practical, but it sure is cute.

After all the excitement at our house, we spent the late afternoon at Aunt M's house. You guessed it, more food and more presents. It was an especially nice visit because we got to spend time with our family members, Aunt B and L, who are missionaries with ADRA in Africa and who are home in the states for a couple of weeks while L recovers from an infection.

The final pic is us-we're not all smiling but sometimes with a little one you have to take what you can get:-)

A big thank you to all our families for making this such a great holiday for the girls and for us-We love you all!

The cutest littlest present!

G and cousin RJ

G and Julie Albright

Baby K opening presents :-)

Thompson and Jones families at Aunt B's on Christmas Eve

G on Christmas morning

Toot! Toot! Chugga Chugga Big Pink Car......

The Jones family

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