Friday, October 3, 2014

It sure has gotten crazy around here.....

It sure has gotten crazy around here.  When I was putting pen to paper and laying everyone's schedules out for the fall, it all worked so nicely in theory.  Reality is a different beast all together!

Monday starts off with me taking K to kindergarten at 8:45am while R stays home and works with G on her school work and entertains M (thank goodness she is content to play by herself sometimes!).  I return from drop-off and he departs for work by 10:30am.  At 11:45am I load the car with G and M and we go pickup K from kindergarten.  We then rush back home where we have 45 minutes to scarf down a delicious, nutritious lunch (insert sarcasm here!) and then we're back in the car again on our way to G's private flute lesson, followed by band practice.  While this is all taking place, I am desparately trying to convince K and M that it is "rest time" in the car.  G rejoins our merry troop and then we set off for the ballet studio for one of her weekly classes.  Providing no one dawdles after ballet class, we make it home by 6:00pm and I rush to get another nutritious meal (insert more sarcasm!) into my children and then rush them upstairs for bath and bedtime by 8:00pm (that's the goal but more frequently, it's 8:30pm).

We wake-up on Tuesday and start a slight variation of the routine again.  By the time Friday rolls around, I am giddy with exhaustion.  The question is, when is to much, too much?  Between school and extra curricular activities it seems we are on the go all the time.  I now realize why my mom let us only do one activity after school!

So glad we had the opportunity to spend a week at the beach last month even though in now seems like a distant memory..........

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