Monday, October 20, 2014

Is 5:30pm too early for bed???

It is starting to catch up with me---the back to back activities on Monday and Tuesday----by the time Thursday afternoon rolls around and there are no more scheduled activities, I feel like it is the weekend and I am in slacker mode.  Suffice to say that on Monday and Tuesday my creative juices are starting to wane when it comes to ideas to make our "while we are waiting" time fun.  Dinner has to be planned out and executed before we arrive home, if the kids are going to get anything healthy--thank you crockpot!

Thankfully, the kids are doing well and enjoying school and the activities.  K had Umbrella Day--you can't see her face but she's under the Dora umbrella.

 G and Little Miss M are also doing great!  Little Miss M would love to go to prek more than two mornings a week but this Momma is not ready to let her go yet!  Knowing they are enjoying school and the extra-curricular activities keeps me chugging along, "I can do it, I can do it, I can do it!"

K's soccer has finished for the season (that's one thing off of the list for now).  Here she is with her BFF.  These girls have been friends since they went to Toddlin' Time and now they are in Kindergarten and soccer together.

Love their "girly" socks and soccer balls.

Pictures from the State Fair.  Fun day for everyone--especially since Little Miss M was big enough to ride so many rides this year.

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