Tuesday, February 18, 2014

It comes in three's......

They say things happen in "three's".  If there is any truth to that, then yesterday I got all three of mine. 

First, the hot water heater was leaking.  It's almost fourteen years old and has been poked, prodded and worked on multiple times over it's lifetime, but I believe the end has finally come.  R thinks it's leaking because it has a small hole in it.  If that's the case, we either replace it now with minimal water clean-up or we wait until the whole bottom goes out and we replace it with a lot of water clean-up.  Hmmmm, what to do, what to do?

Second, the girls had dentist appointments yesterday.  That all went well until the dentist asked, "have we talked about orthodontics?"  We  had talked about the possibility of needing to "talk about orthodontics" at past visits, but we hadn't actually had "the talk".  So yesterday became the day for "the talk".  I suspect that before spring arrives my G will have her braces.

Third, and hopefully last, I've been having back issues for a long time.  Actually it's been several years.  Lower back pain will come and go and I can usually attribute it to some type of overwork or overuse.  This time the dull, stabbing ache in my lower back has taken up residency there and it brought with it a dull, stabbing ache that comes around my midsection and goes down into my right hip.  Sounds interesting, huh?  The back is a degenerative disc in the lower vertebrae that can be attributed to age and all those years spent dancing, and the midsection pain is most likely the illiopsoas muscle which is inflamed from trying to compensate for the back issue.  Getting old is not for sissies! 

So with all that doom and gloom, I've decided to take the high-road of positivity:

We're going to install a bigger hot water heater-that means longer showers and more hot water for my big soaking tub :-). 

G is eligible to wear the Invisalign braces which will mean a 9-12 month treatment period vs. 2 years in traditional metal braces.  They are a little cheaper than traditional braces (very surprising to me) and I'll make less visits (it's a 40 minute drive) to the dentist.

And finally, hoping that a short stint of physical therapy will help alleviate the back and muscle pain and help me kickstart a little healthy weight loss so that I can continue doing fun things with my cuties.

Love this pic of the of my two littlest hammin' it up!

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