Thursday, September 13, 2012

Blog Analytics

Since I had a few moments to myself the other day, I thought I would check my blog analytics just for kicks.  I've noticed that the blogs I follow are usually the ones who "check-in", just as I'm sure I'm a predictable name on their analytics.

I was quite surprised when I saw one on there that I didn't recognize.  (Blogger analytics gives you the capability to click on the referring page links and go to their sites.)  I was even more surprised when I clicked on it, and it went to a very raunchy, porn site :-(  There were pictures on there of things I couldn't quite identify and I really didn't want to spend anytime trying to identify them---ick!!!!! 

What boggles my mind is how anyone who was on that site would have any interest in my little family blog???? and how they would get from that site to my blog????

A mystery for sure........

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