Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Sesame Place

So we started our trip to Sesame Place on a Monday morning, hoping to avoid the weekend traffic that had made previous trips really long.  According to Google Maps, our approximate travel time should have been 4hrs and 6 min.  We weren't expecting to go to the park that afternoon but just hoping to have an easy, enjoyable, car ride. And did I mention that there were 4 adults and 4 kids in the van? :-) It took a bit longer than what Google Maps predicted since we added in a lunch and a potty stop but it was a surprisingly (with the addition of DVD players and a good movie selection) smooth ride!

We arrived in PA by early afternoon, settled into our hotel, and actually had the time to go to Franklin Mills (big outlet mall). I suspect that it is one of a chain of outlet malls because the layout and the stores looked familiar to an outlet mall that is close to home.  We grabbed an early dinner and tried to push down the excitement level and get an early bedtime since we had two, busy days planned at the park. 

Tuesday morning started out with perfect weather. It was actually a little cool to do the water activities in the morning but it gave us the opportunity to ride all the rides and catch some of the shows.  Our all-time favorite is "Elmo's World Live."  If you've ever watched an episode of Sesame Street, the last twenty minutes of the show is entitled "Elmo's World". 

I don't know how R managed to do it, but he struck up a conversation with the sound technician who said he could get us a private meet and greet with Elmo after the show.  What the ?????  How did he do that????  If you've got little ones, then you know that's the kind of opportunity that doesn't come along very often.  I usually book a character meal so that we get the opportunity for the up close pics but my wonderful, friendly to everyone hubbie gets the credit for this one.

My big girl and Elmo.

My normally rambunctious girl is speechless.

Seriously, this girl loves her some Elmo!
The weather on day two of our visit was HOT!  Our character breakfast was scheduled that morning in an outdoor pavillion and it was so hot that they moved it indoors. 
Cousin J and Super Grover.  Did I mention that he's my all-time favorite character?

Abby Caddabby and G.

Murray and K.

R, Baby M and Big Bird.  That child laughed and smiled with all the characters--hoping that enthusiasm holds out for our annual Santa pics :-)

Love those smiles!

Group shot of all the kids before they melted from the heat.

Count, K and one of the very few pics of me.
Less than two hours into the day and everyone was exhausted-quickly followed by cranky and whiney, and that included the grown-ups as well.  Operating in self-preservation mode, we left the park for an early lunch and nap with plans to return in the afternoon to go to the waterpark.

It was still unbelievably hot but much more bearable in the water.  Love these smiles!

I've given up on the cute suits for the more practical, sun-safe variety!

We stayed until the last parade of the day and as we were watching, one of the dancers pulled K into the parade to dance with her and the characters.  She was a little unsure at first but did manage to get her groove on for all to see--it was so cute and I did get a little bit of video but unfortunately, Big Bird's backside is the majority of what you see so I won't punish anyone by posting it here-LOL!

After that, wee took our sweaty children and headed back to the hotel for a quick meal and shower.  Packed everything up and had a most uneventful trip back home with the kids sleeping.  It was after 2:00am by the time we got everyone in and settled into bed.  I call these next few pics, "the morning after."

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