Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Rest of June

It seems strange to think that the month of June has passed and here we are heading into the midpoint of summer vacation :-(  Here are just a couple of things that G and K got into during the month of June.

G completed her first year as a Brownie and her troop had their end of the year party at Golden Skateworld. The girls did very little skating but they really liked the gym area. I've put it on my list of possible party venues since K was in love with built-in floor trampoline.

G attended  a week long cheer camp with two of her best friends.  At the end of the week, the girls put on a performance of the skills that they had learned.  It was a difficult week for K.  She really had a hard time at drop off each morning--she just didn't understand why she couldn't stay and cheer with all the other girls.

Towards the end of the month, we attended a patriotic themed concert at Mimi and Papa's church and this was the only photo I managed to get with all three girls looking forward--not necessarily looking at the camera, but at least looking forward.  I had such high hopes for a picture opp since they all had on matching smocked dresses. They also had matching white hairbows but Baby M's didn't make it thru the car ride.

Summer is a busy birthday season for our family.  My immediate family all have birthdays in June and July--it's just one big cake laden season (and I wonder why I can't lose any weight????)  On the way to D-daddy's birthday dinner, K put her "liptick" on.  Not the most clear pic since I was using my cellphone camera but it was very close to the clown mouth look--all over the lips and extending a 1/2" in all directions--good thing it wasn't a dark red "liptick"!

And here are a few random pics of Baby M doing what she does best--being just plain cute!

She is wearing a guam that her birthmom gave us.

Ready for the sun!


  1. I love the three matching dresses. Your girls are so adorable.

    1. Google Little Monkey Toes. The smocked dresses are by "Mom and Me". I got them for a steal and had my fingers crossed when I bought them in December that they would fit this summer:-)