Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Arkansas...a whirlwind trip

Why is it that a three day trip, takes three additional days to recuperate? I'm still putting things away, trying to get my pictures organized and trying to catch up on some sleep.

Poor Baby M had been doing so well with the nighttime routine-going to bed by 10:00pm and then sleeping right thru until 7:00am the next morning-and now we're a bit turned around. Crossing my fingers that it gets back to what I had began to think of as "normal" pretty soon :-) I really should have bought some stock in Pepsi :-)

We got some cute pics of Baby M while we were hanging out at the hotel in Arkansas. I just love watching her personality come out! Our G is a follower and K is a leader; not sure which category Baby M is going to fall into at this point but she is definitely becoming quite the lively little character. Lots of eye contact and verbalizing. Of course with G and K around, she'll have to talk loudly in order to be heard.

"Am I cute or what?"

"Yeah, I knew you would think so!"

This is Baby M with her Arkansas sisters. It got me to thinking about how she has two sisters in Arkansas and two sisters in Virginia. How lucky can a girl be to have four big sisters?

Baby M and her Arkansas family

I love this pic of this beautiful lady and Baby M!

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  1. Beautiful photos. .and what a treasure to have these photos of family for her. Wish I had this for our girls. What a beautiful family you have!