Tuesday, August 24, 2010

It's all about Baby K

My last post was all about G and so I'm going to take an opportunity to brag on Baby K a little.

You all know she's the cutest girl ever but did you know how incredibly smart she is? She's such a charmer. We've been doing baby signs with her since she was about 6 months old and now she has started verbalizing along with using her signs. There is nothing more heart meltin' than when she signs and says "please" at the same time. With the right person this will often get her just about anything that she wants-even if it is M&M's at 10:00am in the morning:-)

She recently had a well baby check-up and surprisingly had only grown a 1/2" and gained about 13oz. I would have thought it was so much more than that because we've gone from 12 month clothing to 12-18 month clothing. Of course she is so active now, that she most likely is just running it off. The pic below is like deja vu'-G wore the same dress to her well baby check-up at the same age.

"Oh really, this is the same dress?"

When was the last time you discovered your belly button? Well K found hers and it's incredibly funny to watch her trying to look at it. She uses one hand to "pull up" her little belly and the other hand to touch her belly button, all the while bending over to try and catch a look. Eventually she is almost toppled over trying to see.

"I can almost see it"

Last week we attended cousin J's birthday party at the park and I got some great pics of Baby K on the swings. The picture that I didn't get was the one where all the kids were sitting on a blanket and cousin J was opening his gifts and out of nowhere Baby K comes over and hits the birthday boy with a plastic bat. Not the best way to get yourself invited to future parties.

Just a swingin' at cousin J's party

I know it's only August and there is still time for Halloween costume shopping but I couldn't resist getting this for Baby K when I saw it. Guess what she is going to be.....

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