Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Metro Richmond Zoo

We are fortunate to be geographically located between two great areas-Washington, DC and Richmond, VA. This week I took the girls and cousin J to the Metro Richmond Zoo.

It was a great place to visit and we're already planning a return trip in the Fall. It didn't have as many animals as the National Zoo in DC but there were opportunities for the kids to feed several animals and it had a couple of rides. You can see below that the kids got to feed the giraffes and birds.

I got a little turned around on my directions coming home and it took a bit longer to get back but the kids were so worn out that they slept all the way home and I got to enjoy an iced coffee:-)

The 3 Amigos as we began our day

"Come here monkey"

Feeding the giraffes

Grammy, cousin J and G on the Skyride

K watching the Skyride

G and cousin J feeding the birds

Two cute sisters

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