Saturday, August 29, 2009

School has started....

Okay, so the weekend got away from me and then the entire week got away from me. I really wanted to post these pics from kindergarten last week but then kindergarten actually started and I really got slowed down. It's amazing how getting up one hour earlier each day can make one soooo tired by the end of the week.

G successfully completed her first week of kindergarten. There were some tears along the way-both of us on the first day and then her off and on for the rest of the week. For all of my preschool friends this is just a deja vu of how school seems to go for G. I am hoping that most of the tears are gone and now that we are getting into a routine, this week will go much smoother. I will say I'm proud of myself for managing to get both girls and myself, dressed, fed, out of the house and to school on time for the past week. It was definitely a challenge some mornings since the variable is not knowing what time K is going to wake up each morning-the more I can get done before she gets up, the better.

Enjoy the pics of G, K, and cousin J. Until next week.......

and the definition of sister is......

Is this cute or what?

G and cousin J

G and her teacher Mrs. Copeland

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