Saturday, May 2, 2009

One Step Closer.......

The Jones family had the last of our travel immunizations yesterday. That puts us one step closer to being ready to go to MI. Now if we can only finish our agencies Service Plan and get our revised I-600A back.

For those of you who have small children, I'm sure you can recall the worst part of getting immunizations is actually the anticipation of the shot itself. G had her first Hep A at her pediatrician's office on Tuesday and then she had Typhoid yesterday, and both times I didn't mention that she was getting immunizations until the day of the event itself. Poor thing is the type of child who will just obsess over these kinds of things, so you can imagine that she would have been a nervous wreck if she had of had too much advance notice.

Yesterday's immunization was definitely a little easier since R and I were also getting immunizations. Of course this was the first time that R had been with her when she received an immunization and while I thought it was a little easier than past experiences, it definitely left an impression on him.

This little smile is for all of us moms who handle the childhood immunizations :-)

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