Friday, December 13, 2013

Alone time with my K-bug

I love the "alone time" that I get to have with my K-bug!  It's seems few and far between that I get to have individual time with each of the girls and so I really cherish our car rides to preschool in the morning.

It's those early morning drives is when I can really get the feel for the little person she is becoming--not the middle child, not the younger sister to G, and not the (sometimes) bossy big sis to M--just her own little individual self.

Her seat is situated in the back row of the silver bullet and so when the radio is on, it is really difficult to hear her.

A Saturday afternoon playing with a sheet of "bandaids".

Overheard on a recent trip to school:

K:  In a loud voice, "Mom, look at my hand!"
Me: Turning down the radio and trying to look in the rearview mirror. "What's wrong with your hand?"
K: Making a turning motion with her hand. "Can't you see this?  This is sign language for turn the radio up."
Me: Trying not to laugh out loud. "K, it's best to use sign language when someone is actually looking at you."

Love my kid and wondering at the same time where she comes up with this stuff :-)

K and M in their usual state of "jolliness" on G's school fieldtrip.

All three goofin' it up with hats made by our Aunt J.

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