Sunday, March 31, 2013

Thoughts to share....

Here of late, my beautiful K has comes up with the sweetest, funniest things.

My pink chenille bathrobe hanging on the back of the bathtub door:
K-"Mommy, I love your pink karate jacket!"
Me-"Thank you!  I wear it while I'm vacuuming and doing my karate moves."

On cherished childhood songs:
K-"Old MacDonald had a farm, meatball, meatball, meatball"
This is followed by hysterical laughter.

While looking thru our photo album of our trip to the RMI:
K-"Mommy, who is this?"
Me-"That's our friend Miss Laura."
K-"Oh Mommy, she's so beautiful. Just like Princess Delora (Aurora)."

K and R heading out for Father's Night at the preschool.

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