Wednesday, November 14, 2012

17 Months already?

Can you believe that 17 months have passed?  I know I have been here in the trenches for the whole time but I still sit in awe that 17 months have passed.  Sweet Baby M is quickly becoming a full-blown toddler!

In case I haven't said it before, she's AMAZING, just like her big sisters!  She is scary smart and demonstrates it daily with her vocabulary.  Her list of words keeps growing:  get down, up, night-night, water, snack, yellow, pink, blue, purple, green, animal names and sounds, Sesame Street character names, etc.

She is still on the petite side.  A size 12 month fits in weight but is too short and a size 18 month fits in length but is too big in weight.  She can wear a size 12-18 month just about perfectly depending on the brand.

She has 4 teeth on top and three on the bottom (still looking for that 4th tooth in the front) and I noticed last week that some of the upper back molars are coming in.  The first clue was the ezcema rash on her face and the change in her night-time sleep pattern :-(

No one has told her that she is only 17 months old!  She follows the big girls around like she is one of them--complete with climbing on the furniture and whatever else she can find to stand on.  She loves her big sis G and will run to her when I tell her "no".  G is her "little mama" and K is her playmate and cohort in family room destruction.  K is also the one that she shares true sibling rivalry with.  They will squabble over the most mundane things.

I'm excited to see her reaction to all things holiday as we go into the holiday season!

Love this girl's smile!

Baby M and her favorite "Mammy"

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