Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas Cards are in the mail

I've been a bit behind this year, okay, maybe no different from any other year, but it seems like I've still got a lot to do before the big day.

I'm thinking about holding a "Jones Family Wrapping Party"-anybody game????? :-)

I'm still back here on Thanksgiving pics-see how far behind I am?

Cutest Little Indian ever

The Cutest Indian and the "I'm not participating squaw"

More later, hopefully before Christmas............


  1. I would put my hand up to attend the photographic feast that I'm sure a "Jones Family Wrapping Party" would become :-)

    I'm home safely, in grey old Belgium, although now well over 24 hours without sleep. It's nice to be home with that man of mine, and all these kids that roam in and out of my house.

  2. So glad you made it home safely! For as nice as it is to see something new, there is something about the "smell and feel" of one's own domain that can't be overlooked :-)