Monday, February 1, 2010

5 Years Ago Today......

....a baby arrived by FedEx. It's hard to believe, but five years ago on this day R and I received the first picture of our baby G.

Today was so different from that day. I remember being just as nervous as the proverbial cat. We knew the package was coming because the agency had given us the tracking number, but we didn't know what time of day it would be delivered.

I had taken off of work to make sure I was here at home when the package arrived and R and I had agreed that we would wait to open it together. At that time, our house still had that neat and unlived in appearance:-) I remember that I hadn't slept much the night before and was up early and dressed. I was listening to a Nora Jones CD and just picking at things around the house when the doorbell rang.

In my haste to greet my hero the FedEx Man, I neglected to turn off the house alarm. Caught up in the moment, I am sobbing and telling this complete stranger about the contents of the package he is holding, as the house alarm has now gone from warning mode to panic mode. He was the kindest man-he said he had never delivered anyone's baby before and asked if it would be okay to pray with me. So there I am at the front door of our house, praying with the FedEx Man, the alarm is still going off, and now the phone is ringing.

Thankfully we had caller ID and I was able to call the alarm company back and have them call off the police they had dispatched. Comical now as I think back on it.....

Here's a few pics that capture the moment-

Our hero the FedEx Man

The proud new parents

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  1. Oh, Chris, your post made me laugh at loud and then fight back tears. What a special day! At least your Fed Ex guy delivered the package to the right house - ours didn't! I'm so glad that you have G (& K!)!