Sunday, November 1, 2009

It's the day after Halloween and we're all sick.........

I knew it was inevitable-eventually all of us were going to get sick at one time-this is our time and hopefully our only time this year!

G has caught two colds since school started. The first one missed the rest of the family but the second one has really packed a punch. I got it, then R got it and finally, Baby K got it. It seems to be a really nasty, head cold, upper respiratory thing but with no fever. Of course the exception has been Baby K who was running a fever and so I took her to the pediatrician yesterday (scared witless that it was the H1N1 flu).

This wasn't our usual pediatrician but the doc on call, and he was a nice surprise. I've been recently disgruntled with some things that have happened at our regular docs office and this really got me to thinking about changing-but more on that later.

After checking Baby K's weight-now up to 18lbs-cleaning the wax out of her ears and doing a nasal swab for flu. He announced that the flu test was negative and that most likely the poor baby just has the same head cold/upper respiratory sickness that the rest of the family has.

I was relieved to know that it wasn't the flu but still dismayed that I can't give her anything to make her more comfortable. At least the rest of the family can take over-the-counter cold meds but poor Baby K has to just tough it out. For all those mothers out there, that's code for "Mommy and Baby K" tough it out since Mommy is the one who gets up in the middle of the night when Baby K coughs and wakes up:-)

Thankfully, the girls felt good enough and the weather cooperated for just a little bit of Halloween festivities. On Friday night we went to Aunt Kerry's and Uncle Wes's annual Halloween Party-complete with a bonfire. Note-the girls dressed as cats for the party. On Saturday night we took in a little trick or treating with Baby K going to visit the neighbors in the cul-de-sac and while R and I took her home, Grammy and D-daddy took G around the neighborhood. Note-different costumes for trick or treating :-)

G and the Pumpkin Princess

The girls and their pumpkins

My Kittens

Princess Mulan and her Strawberry

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