Friday, May 15, 2015

The really crazy news.....

So this is where it gets really crazy!  We put our house on the market last week! 

In theory, it will sell quickly and then we can go about finding another house.  The reason.....trying to lessen our daily commute.  R commutes to work--approximately one hour each way and now I "commute" to taking the girls to school--approximately one hour each way.  And since they have to be dropped off and picked up, that's two hours a day.

We love the school that G has attended for the  past three years.  If you are not familiar with university model schooling, do yourself a favor and take a look here--- Grace Preparatory School .  G will be moving into the middle school and K will be attending the elementary school this coming fall.  That will mean five days of commuting---that's two hours a day, 50 miles per day, and 250 miles per week.  And don't forget to add in Little Miss M's preschool schedule which is at a completely different school. 

Keep your fingers crossed for us :-)