Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So many questions, so little time......

So our daily ride to school went something like this......

Why do Olivia and I share grass? (Olivia is our neighbor)

And do we share grass with the Sheridans for the same reason? (our neighbors on the other side)

Has Grammy ever hit her hand on our car? (not that I know of)

Did I ever think that this type of conversation would fill my morning ride? (most definitely not :-)

Now here is one from me-where does G come up with these questions? I can usually anticipate the "What's the weather going to be today? or What's for dinner this evening?". I must be getting old and losing my sense of imagination.

The Jones family has been busy since I last posted with parties, events, more events, and trips. We took a trip to the Great Wolf Lodge with our best friends. It was a trip of many firsts for G-first time down the big slide by herself, first time across the acorn pool by herself, and the first time that she had no hesitation about going away from us. (We stayed in the park with her the whole time but she did not show any hesitation about leaving our sides and going to have fun with her friends) This was Baby K's first time at the waterpark and she was a little hesitant but you can see from the pic below that she enjoyed splashing in the wading pool.

G and her BFFs at the waterpark

First time down the big slide by herself

Just cute!!!

G and I hosted the Mother Daughter Tea for our local FCC again this year. We had a great time! We used a fairy theme and all the girls had to pick a fairy name-G was the Jr. Hostess Fairy and K was the Jr. Asst. Hostess Fairy. Yours truly was the Hostess Fairy-complete with wings but with no pics to show-sorry!

Cutest little Jr. Asst. Hostess Fairy

G leading the Mother Daughter Memory Game

I just liked this one.......

In between family trips and events, G had her first school fieldtrip. Her class has been studying butterflies and so they made a trip to the Butterfly Pavillion at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington, DC. The parents were invited to attend and so Grammy, Aunt M, Aunt C, Baby K and myself took the VRE train from Fredericksburg, the Metro to the museum and then R picked us up in the J-bus (Jones van)to come home. We almost missed the train because Grammy had a small fender bender but that's another story.

The Butterfly Pavillion was nice. It was like a small version of the Butterfly Conservatory in Niagara Falls. It only took about 15 minutes to go thru but was well worth seeing.

G and cousin J in the Butterfly Pavillion

The gang

In addition to all these parties, events and trips I managed to catch a few pics worth mentioning. My most strong-willed child decided she was not going to take a nap and so we came downstairs and I put her in the family room while I was folding laundry. Within a matter of moments there was silence and there she was, fast asleep in the Elmo chair. I guess she had to do it her own way......

The pic below is of G at the FunRun held at her school. It was a great fundraiser-nothing to buy-no candy, nuts, fruit, wrapping paper, candles, flowers, and the list goes on. The kids collected pledges for the amount of laps they would run and G ran the entire 35 laps-we are so proud of her!