Friday, April 11, 2014

....and she's 5 years old now

My dear sweet K had her 5th birthday last week and what a fun birthday it was.  We had a "Frozen" themed birthday party, birthday dinners with the grandparents, donuts for breakfast, special treats each day of the week leading up to her birthday, and cupcakes to share with her friends at school.

It was a busy week.  In fact, the past month has been overly busy with all the regular scheduled activities and then tossing in two birthdays with parties.  I'm glad that Little Miss M's birthday is not until June--it gives me a bit of time to de-stress from these last two.

I've also started to bear witness to the passage of time with my middle child.  Several weeks before her birthday she started telling me, "I'm almost 5 years old now."  This would usually come up when it was something she didn't want to do.  For example: a trip to Costco means that she and Little Miss M ride in the cart--just easier for me to keep them corralled.  She told me, "Mom, I'm almost 5 years old now.  I'm too big to ride in the cart."  Another example:  we were having breakfast and using the same cups with lids that we've used for a very long time and she announced, "Mom, I'm almost 5 years old now.  I'm too big to use these cups with lids.  I want a cup like G has."

Why can't they stay little, just a little while longer??????

The birthday girl just starting her day.

Donuts for breakfast on our birthday.

Getting ready for the party.

Princess Anna paints fingernails.

Old and young were captivated by the princesses.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa.