Thursday, September 26, 2013

Overheard from the backseat.....

Trying to get the girls in the car (and rushing like usual) to get to an after-school activity:

Little Miss M was attempting to push the automatic door button on the van.

Me: "Don't ever push the automatic door button while we are trying to get buckled in because someone's arm or hand could get caught in the door.  If that happened, we'd get really hurt."

Little Miss M: "And go to the doctor?"

Me: "We would probably have to go to the hospital."

and the little voice from the backseat..............."and then we'd be late for ballet school." 

You gotta love the "all about me" attitude!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Sun, Sand, and Waves

The week I had waited for all summer finally arrived......beach week!  We had such a wonderful trip in 2012 that we couldn't wait to go back this year. 

What a great week we had--we missed our friends who went with us last year but this time some our family joined us.  The weather was perfect all week, and the house we rented was stunning--incredible attention to detail in the design and layout. 

Here are some pics from our week.  (and yes, I do have first day of school pics to post, eventually)

A man and his girls.

Grammy and K.

One many uses!
One of many beautiful sunrises.
Mimi and K.

"No Daddy, go the other way!"

Last sunrise snuggle (or at least until next year) with Daddy.